Kitchen And Laundry



2012 Remodel:

While replacing the countertops with quartz, we also got two soap dispensers, one for hand lotion and one for soap.

We also replaced the hot water dispenser with one which dispenses both hot water and cool water.

We replaced the steel sink, which showed scratches badly, with a composite granite sink which has been a big improvement.

Just before the remodel we replaced the kitchen faucet with a faucet you can touch anywhere to turn it on/off. This is very handy when your hands are covered in gunk.

When we met with Breshears, we spent quite a bit of time at his computer fine-tuning the design and layout of the cabinets. For starters, we had put the built-in oven in the middle of one wall of cabinets. This was not desireable because the top of the oven cabinet sticks out farther than the tops of the surrounding cabinets. I had placed the oven in the middle because I thought it should be close to the cooktop, sink and refrigerator.

Breshears suggested moving the oven down to the end of the cabinets rather than having it stick out in the middle. He pointed out that an oven doesn't have to be that handy because you normally put something in it and then leave it for a long time.

Breshears has a large shop where he makes the cabinets, then he brings them out and installs them.