The floor plan on the left was what we almost had for the master bathroom. The advantage was that it put all the "wet" areas in one place. We could then tile that area and use carpet in the rest of the bathroom.

The drawback was that we were dividing the bathroom into two small, cramped rooms, instead of having one large, open room.

This is where Craft's floor plan software (which is much more sophisticated than mine, of course) came in handy. We sat at his computer for an hour moving walls, tubs, showers and cabinets until we came up with the plan below. (The closet at the top is the same in both plans.)

One drawback is that there really is not enough floor space between the tub/shower area and the vanities to have both carpet and a tiled space to step out of the tub/shower and dry off.

We thought it would look funny to have a strip of carpet and a strip of tile. We compromised by putting a tiled area outside the shower, but not outside the tub. (Actually, we used a roughened piece of synthetic marble matching the shower, not tile.)