Clearing Trees

HSV is in a forest, so all lots are heavily wooded. With our lot being set back over 200' from the street, it was hard just getting back to our lot through all the trees and undergrowth. The picture on the left was taken from the street. The tiny little object in the middle is 6'4" me, which gives you some idea of the size of trees you will be getting.

One day we went out to the lot to find that a driveway had been bulldozed to our building area. You can't imagine how excited we were just to be able to stroll over to our home site without needing hiking boots.

Even after knocking out the pines, our lot is still over-treed, if anything. We have cedars, red oaks, white oaks, hickory, dogwoods, and more. During the winter, we can still see the 15th fairway, but once the leaves grow back, all we can see is the water. However, this gives us some variety in our view, so it turned out to be a good thing..

In addition to knocking down the pines and clearing the driveway, the bulldozers have to clear trees from the site where the house will be built, of course, including a space 8' out from the perimeter of the house. We lost some large, beautiful hardwoods this way.

Most of the clearing is done by bulldozers knocking over trees to clear the building site. This is all the clearing that the builder is responsible for. However, if there are other trees on the lot outside of the actual building area which you want removed, the clearing crew will take them down at the same time for a lot less cost (and mess) than if you wait until the house is finished and have someone come out. At both our house and Judy's, we got extra trees (mainly dead ones) taken down at NO extra charge.