Windows And Doors

(Click to see panorama of windows in den, kitchen and study.)

While the builder's drawings of the outside of the house made the windows in the den (with its 20' ceilings) look large, when the walls went up and the windows went in, we were disappointed with how much wall space there was between the lower and upper windows. I guess we were expecting glass walls.

Even if we had wanted to spend the money, we could not have made the change since the roof line coming from the front porch comes across the front of the den wall between the upper and lower windows. Craft assured us that we have plenty of window space in that room and in fact, I think we have already gotten used to it.

Some builders don't even leave room to mount the window coverings inside the frame. The multiple layers of wood inside the frame look nice, and if you are going to have drapes mounted on the wall outside the window frame, this type of framing is not a problem.

But if you are planning on blinds or pleated shades mounted inside the frame, it would be difficult to do with the type of frame shown at left. So be sure that your builder knows what your window covering plans are.

(This maze of doors is in the garage, which the painters frequently used as a place to paint cabinets, shelves and doors without having to worry about getting paint on the rest of the house. We just thought it made an interesting picture.)

The first time I saw it leaning against the wall in the garage, I thought "Omigod, what have we done?". But when it was installed, I really liked the way it looked. Once again the moral is that if you have a negative reaction the first time you see some element of your new house, give it a chance before you change it.