Pictures of the Building
Of Judy's House in HSV

Pamplona subdivision, southeast of DeSoto and Minorca:
Click on the picture below for a large image, and click
on that image to blow it up more if necessary. Among all
the homesites seen in this picture are fewer than a
half-dozen homes, yet it is almost dead center of HSV.

This is an aerial view of Judy's subdivision.
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Judy's lot (the blank area is common property):

The picture above shows where I had planned the house to go on the lot, which, from the street, was to be all the way over to the left. (Or as far as I could go given the setback required from the street and from the left boundary.) With common property to the left, back and across the street, the only possible loss of privacy would be if someone built on the corner lot to the right. With Judy's lot being 140' wide, we could build on the left and have a lot of space filled with trees screening the lot on the right in the remote chance that someone builds there. (It's a very small lot.).

When the lot was full of trees and briars, it was hard to tell how much slope there was. After the lot was cleared (see the link below), Buss realized that there was more slope than we originally thought. Because of the shape of the lot, having the house all the way to the left moved the house forward, resulting in a short driveway with extreme slope down to the garage. Buss had little choice but to move the house over to the right, allowing it to be pushed back further on the lot as well.

The lot:

For more pictures of the homesite and information about how we found it, click here.

The Floor Plan

For more information about and pictures of the floor plan click here.

Meeting with builder Jim Buss of Buss Construction:
(Judy, Nelson, Jim Buss) (Click to enlarge.)

The plans were submitted to the Building Committee on August 10th and approved on August 16th.

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