Landscape Tour

Most of the pictures are sized 1067x800, so a screen resolution of at least that size is best.
The picture at the bottom of this page will give you an idea of what to expect.

This tour has hundreds of pictures from 1998 to the present on over 100 web pages.

These pages are actually a tool for us to use in keeping track of our plants: what we have, where they are planted, when they bloom, what care they need, etc.

We live in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, which is Zone 7b. The lot was heavily wooded before we built and we tried to preserve as many trees as we could during construction of our house, which makes all of our gardens "partial shade" to "full shade".

The landscape tour starts at the street. In 2012 we bought the lot next door. From the street you can choose to go down the side lot on the left or down a long driveway to the right which goes around beds in the front yard, then on to the "back yard" (which is really our side yard [not to be confused with our side lot] -- see the plat or the Google Earth view).

In pictures of beds you can use the mouse cursor to point to specific plants to see the names of the plants or click to go to a plant's web page for more information. The links are repeated in text below the pictures, just in case the picture links don't work for you.

After viewing a new page, you usually have to click on your browser's Back button to return to the previous page to continue the route you were taking. However, most pages have links at the bottom for jumping to other locations.

Pages with pictures of beds let you choose to go left, right, or ahead to see other beds.

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